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We are a family-owned agribusiness company that specializes in the procurement, post-harvest handling, cold storing, packaging and trading of fresh and value-added fruits & vegetables. We take great pride in dealing with high-quality fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and handled using modern post-harvest techniques.

Since 1984, ROSHAN® has established itself as a trusted brand of safe and superior quality fruits and vegetables all over the world.

ROSHAN is a team of enthusiastic and progressive post-harvest experts, and marketing professionals. We are honored to have established Pakistan’s first internationally standardized fruits and vegetables value chain. 

Our knowledge and expertise of over 40 years in the selection of produce, its post-harvest management, logistics, packaging and storage has enabled us to expand our services into a diverse market in Pakistan and globally, providing our customers the best and most comfortable experience of business.

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ROSHAN®  Kinnow

Every piece of our citrus is a symbol of excellence and taste. Grown in the lush orchards of Sargodha, Punjab, Roshan® Kinnow is renowned for its exceptional quality and exquisite flavor.  

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Roshan® Premium Box

A perfect choice for those special moments when you want to make a lasting impression. Packed with the finest Roshan® Kinnow, this box is beautifully designed to delight your loved ones or clients.

Box Weight: 5kg | 10kg

Kinnow Size: 42-56

economical box for family

Economical Box

Looking for a healthy and affordable treat for the whole family? Our Economical Box is filled with sweet and citrusy kinnow, perfect for sharing and enjoying together.

Box weight: 10kg | 13kg

Kinnow Size: 56-72

Premium, Safe & Convenient!

Our Packaging

At FreshnRoshan, each box is carefully crafted with attention to detail, featuring a sleek design and sturdy construction that protects the delicate Kinnow inside.

The durable packaging keeps the Kinnow fruits safe during transport and ensures they stay fresh until they reach your table.

From individual servings to bulk orders, we have the perfect packaging options for your requirements.

Our packaging is
Fresh Orange
Oranges for juice
corporate gifting
kinnow party orange party
Kinnow box
We take pride in delivering the finest Kinnow fruit to your doorstep. Our commitment to quality ensures that every Roshan® Kinnow you enjoy is a true delight for your taste buds.