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ROSHAN® Mangoes

Fresh from our selected farms. Hand-picked my our experts.

The Mango, known as the King of Fruits, is globally celebrated for its unparalleled popularity and deliciousness.

Pakistan is home to numerous varieties of Mangoes, with the provinces of Sindh and Punjab being known for their leading varieties. The Mangoes from these regions are cherished for their pleasant aroma, sweet taste, and refreshing flavor.



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ROSHAN® Kinnow

Kinnow is a citrus variety known for its bright orange color, smooth skin, and distinctive tangy-sweet taste and aroma.

ROSHAN® Kinnow is popular for its juiciness and high vitamin C content. It is also known for its easy-to-peel skin, which makes it a convenient and enjoyable fruit to eat throughout the world. 


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Make Healthy Choice With Fresh n Roshan

With FnR, customers can trust that they are receiving fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables that are handled with care and safe food protocols.

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“Revolutionize the way customers enjoy fresh mangoes by being committed to providing the freshest, highest-quality produce while also promoting local farming and eco-friendly practices.”

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Perks of buying from Fresh n Roshan include premium quality products, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.

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“I used to dread going grocery shopping, but ever since I discovered this fruit and vegetable mart, it’s become one of my favorite activities. They have such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and everything always looks so fresh and tempting. I love that I can find everything I need in one place, and the prices are very reasonable. I also appreciate that they source their produce locally whenever possible, which is important to me as a conscious consumer.”
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