From the Gardens of Fresh n Roshan
From the Gardens of Fresh n Roshan
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About Us

We are a family-owned agribusiness company that specializes in the procurement, post-harvest handling, cold storing, packaging and trading of fresh and value-added fruits & vegetables. We take great pride in dealing with high-quality fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and handled using modern post-harvest techniques.

Since 1984, ROSHAN has established itself as a trusted brand of safe and superior quality fruits and vegetables all over the world.
ROSHAN is a team of enthusiastic and progressive post-harvest experts, and marketing professionals. We are honored to have established Pakistan’s first internationally standardized fruits and vegetables value chain. 

Our knowledge and expertise of over 40 years in the selection of produce, its post-harvest management, logistics, packaging and storage has enabled us to expand our services into a diverse market in Pakistan and globally, providing our customers the best and most comfortable experience of business.

What We Offer

Varieties in Mango

As a provider of high-quality fresh produce in Pakistan, Fresh n Roshan recognizes the immense popularity of mangoes – the ‘King of Fruits’ – among the Pakistani people.
Chaunsa Aam


Chaunsa was originally cultivated in Rahim Yar Khan and Multan

Sindhari aam


Sindhri is the leading variety of mango from Sindh province.

Langra Aam


Langra is a early to midseason mango variety popular for its commercial usage.

ratol v1

Anwer Ratol

It is a local selection, a chance seedling selected by a farmer Shaikh M. Aafaq in the village “Ratol”

Premium, Safe & Convenient!

Our Packaging

Fresh n Roshan offers top-notch packaging technology for better mango preservation, protection and convenience of our customers. The packaging ensures that the mangoes are protected during transport and are delivered fresh and ready to eat. 

Bright, popping colors and a lovely mango illustrative design makes the packaging attractive and loved by customers feel important and valued. 

Our packaging is
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Our Commitments