Anwar Ratol Mango


Anwar Ratol mango is a small-sized mango variety that is highly esteemed for its rich flavor, unique aroma, and firm texture. It is predominantly grown in Pakistan, particularly in the province of Punjab.

They are cherished by mango maniacs and are a prized fruit in Pakistan’s mango culture for their exceptional flavor and exclusive availability.


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Overview: Anwar Ratol is a local selection, a chance seedling selected by a farmer Shaikh M. Aafaq in the village “Ratol”. It is a midseason, popular commercial variety.  Its flavor is strong and very pleasant with extremely sweet and wonderful taste.

Peak Availability: Mid June and Late July

Shape and Size: Anwar Ratol mangoes are small-sized fruits, usually measuring around 3-4 inches in length. They have an oval or round shape, with a plump appearance and a distinct beak-like tip.

Aroma: Anwar Ratol mangoes have a strong, distinct aroma that is sweet and inviting. The aroma is often said to be reminiscent of a blend of tropical fruits, spices, and floral undertones.

Texture: The flesh of Anwar Ratol mangoes is firm, juicy, and fiber-free. It is a bright yellow in color, and has a smooth, buttery texture when eaten.

Flavor: Anwar Ratol mangoes are known for their exceptionally sweet and rich flavor. They have a high sugar content and a unique taste profile, with notes of tropical fruits, caramel, and honey. The flavor is often described as intensely sweet and delightful.

Color: The skin of Anwar Ratol mangoes is thin and smooth, and typically turns from green to yellow as it ripens.

How to eat: Anwar Ratol mangoes are primarily eaten fresh as a sweet and juicy snack. The authentic way to enjoy is to chill mangoes in an ice bucket and soften the flesh with your thumbs. Suck the juice directly from the mango.

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