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Sindhri mango, also known as Sindhi mango, is a variety of mango that is prized for its sweet flavor and juicy pulp. It is one of the most popular mango varieties grown in the Sindh region of Pakistan, and is considered one of the finest mangoes in the world.


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Overview: Sindhri is the leading variety of mango from Sindh province. It originated in a town of the same name in Mirpur Khas District. It is one of the most commonly seen varieties in the markets of Sindh. Sindhri has an immense commercial value for milkshakes and ice creams due to its rich colour and smooth texture. It is a large, oval-shaped mango with yellowish skin. Sindhri is appreciated for its tangy-sweet taste and fiberless flesh.

Peak Availability: Late May – Early July

Shape and Size: Large-sized, usually measuring around 6-8 inches in length. They have an oval or oblong shape, with a slightly flattened appearance.

Aroma: Sindhri mangoes have a fragrant aroma that is sweet and inviting. The aroma intensifies as the mangoes ripen, adding to their overall appeal.

Texture: The flesh of Sindhri mangoes is firm and fiber-free, with a smooth, buttery texture. It is bright yellow in color and has a luscious, melting quality when eaten. A late variety of Sindhri from Punjab is slightly fibrous.

Flavor: Sindhri mangoes are known for their exceptionally sweet and rich flavor. They have a high sugar content and a pleasant aroma, which make them a favorite among mango lovers. The taste profile of Sindhri mangoes is often described as tropical, with notes of citrus, pineapple, and floral undertones.

Color: The skin of Sindhri mangoes is thin and smooth, and usually turns from green to deep yellow as it ripens.

How to eat: Sindhri mangoes are commonly eaten fresh as a juicy, sweet snack or used in various culinary preparations. They are often used in desserts, shakes, smoothies, salads, and other dishes to add a burst of tropical sweetness. Sindhri mangoes are also used in the production of mango pulp, which is used in the preparation of mango juices, nectars, and other mango-based products.

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